At Home WaistBuster Kit

At Home WaistBuster Kit

At Home WaistBuster Kit


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At Home WaistBuster Kit Details:

  • SAFE & PAINLESS: A simple, painless non-invasive FDA registered treatment device
  • CONVENIENCE AT HOME: A convenient, discreet and home treatment device
  • QUICK TREATMEMT: A small commitment of 30 minutes 2 days a week along with following the program guidelines is all that is needed
  • LARGE COVERAGE: A large 360 degree coverage area around the waist to target the front of the stomach, flanks (love handles) and lower back…or anywhere else on the body
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: A very flexible design to fit petite waists up to waist sizes of 65 inches in circumference
  • DURABLE DESIGN WITH A WARRANTY: A design to last up to 3 years or more, with an included one-year limited warranty with your purchase
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: A comfortable design to wear while on the computer, on the couch or while doing your favorite cardio exercise
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: A portable carrying bag is included to take while traveling for work or to your favorite vacation destination
  • TRENDING LIFESTYLE: A trending new paradigm for weight loss and sculpting your body at home


  • PROGRAM GUIDELINES: Detailed doctor developed program guidelines for your personal weight loss & body sculpting success – which will show you how you may lose 1” in 30 minutes*!
  • DEVICE: ONE FDA registered device to use at home
  • PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR: ONE set of protective eyewear to block the polychromatic light energy but to still see what else you may be doing
  • MEASURING TAPE: ONE quick-accurate measuring tape and simple instructions
  • PRE-ACTIVATOR GEL: ONE FREE bottle of our pharmaceutical-mesotherapy grade pre treatment activator cosmetic gel ($49 value)
  • FASCIA & CELLULITE BUSTER: ONE FREE post treatment fascia & cellulite buster device ($20 value)
  • SUPER MIC-B12 PLUS ORAL LIPO SHOTS: ONE FREE bottle of our Super MIC-B12 Plus Oral Lipo Shots ($150 value)


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